M3V engineers and consultants partner with our clients to effectively respond to their environmental information management needs. Our staff of professionals includes Ph.D.'s, P.E.'s, senior programmers, and IT managers, along with an extended network of associates. Our training as scientists and engineers within the environmental management industry affords us the ability to develop effective solutions.

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  • The M3V Promise: Your goals become our goals!
    Our Environmental Consultants are using 21st century tools, software and artificial intelligence to better serve you.
  • M3V Provides Environmental, Health and Safety Services
    in line with the customers goals
    All over USA our customers are outsourcing
    their Environmental Compliance Issues to M3V.
    Testing, Permitting, Planning, Reporting, Auditing, Training is what M3V loves to do!
  • M3V extracts the tasks from your Permits, Plans
    and Applicable Rules/Standards to create a Task List
    M3V will discuss with you the way
    to accomplish the Tasks (who, how, when).
    M3V will accomplish the assigned Tasks to keep you in COMPLIANCE.
  • M3V Consultants love reading the environmental rules and
    we can create the list of rules and regulations applying to your facility
    Once we understand your process, we can monitor all the new rules being issued
    and old ones that are being modified.
    COMPLIANCE is a team effort. You need the right people and the right tools to accomplish it.


Permit Preparation, Compliance Management, Regulatory Assessment, Testing and Auditing


Stack testing, OSHA, indoor air, Mold, Storm water and soil sampling


Web Based Management Software for SDS, Chemical Inventory and EH&S Tasks


Our experts prepare your classroom and online training courses

M3V Environmental Consultants


M3V Environmental Consultants are using 21st century tools, software and artificial intelligence to better serve our clients.

Our expertise allows clients to focus on their core business, save money, and simplify the burden of ever-changing regulatory requirements. When you work with M3V environmental consultants, you can be sure that you are working with experts in the environmental management field. We love our work, which benefits our clients!

Each of our senior environmental consultants has over 20 years of environmental consulting and environmental management experience. We provide solutions to environmental management challenges and environmental testing needs.

Our experienced environmental consultants align our client's environmental management goals with M3V goals. By doing so, we achieve more than just environmental compliance.

M3V environmental consultants use advanced and innovative environmental compliance tools such as Environmental Management Software, eLearning and our Mobile Environmental Expert app to better serve our clients.

Our Skills

Our consulting services

Environmental Testing Keeps you in compliance!
Environmental Management Includes compliance with regulations.
Environmental Compliance For permit and license applications.

M3V Environmental Consulting has clients or projects across much of the mid-western, southern and eastern United States: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Kansas.

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