M3V engineers and consultants partner with our clients to effectively respond to their environmental information management needs. Our staff of professionals includes Ph.D.'s, P.E.'s, senior programmers, and IT managers, along with an extended network of associates. Our training as scientists and engineers within the environmental management industry affords us the ability to develop effective solutions.

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We provide testing services since 2002

M3V has provided environmental testing services since 2002. Our environmental testing can help you, your employees and your neighbors.

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More than compliance with regulations

Effective environmental management includes more than just compliance with regulations. Our expertise and cutting-edge tools make environmental management both efficient and exciting.

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Achieve compliance for our customers

Monitoring, testing, permitting, record keeping, planning, reporting, etc. We do it all to achieve environmental compliance for our customers.

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Environmental Management Process Steps

We truly care about our customers

Evaluate the environmental rules and regulations applying to your facility and extract tasks. Extract the environmental tasks from each permit (Air, Water, Haz Waste, etc). Than extract the tasks from the existing plans and standards. Having any difficulties to come up with the list of tasks? Call M3V for help.
Assign tasks to task managers or consultants and put them in the planner. We recommend the use of our Environmental Task Manager, that sends automatic reminders to the task manager.
Make sure each task is accomplished as set in the task manager database.
Periodic review the tasks and modify or add new tasks based on change in the regulations, new permits or plans review.
Report to the upper management the accomplishments, enjoy the process and start #1 again to ensure that you did not miss anything in the first round. Call M3V for an environmentl audit to have a 3rd party looking at the process.

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Reliable and Consistent Results

We truly care about our customers

Our clients trust M3V Environmental Consultants to provide reliable and consistent results. For instance, 5 of our client facilities have cycled through a number of plant managers, chief engineers and EH&S Managers during the last 12 years. After every change in management, these facilities still chose M3V as their environmental compliance consultants. They know that, year after year, we provide reliable and consistent results!

One client at a time

Environmental consulting expertise for many types of clients

Can you imagine paying for environmental compliance consulting services and still being forced to pay large non-compliance fines? M3V Environmental Consultants were invited to assist a manufacturing company in one of these cases, after a previous consultant failed to keep them in compliance and the company was forced to pay large fines as a result.
For a cost about 30% less than what the previous consultant charged, M3V implemented a new compliance system for the company. Under M3V's care, the company has not had to pay any fines since 2011.
Have we mentioned that the previous consultant was in the same town and M3V does not have an office in that state? M3V has the expertise to serve many different types of clients, no matter the location.

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